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12/5/15 Moving On
11/30/15 Poke Kilroy
10/30/15 Steal Kilroy's Shoes
10/30/15 What Was That Sound?
10/22/15 Find the Greatsword
9/18/15 You Wake Up on a Porch
8/19/15 The End?
8/19/15 What is That Sound?
8/19/15 Wake Up
8/19/15 Be Mo
8/19/15 Still Be There When He Wakes Up
8/1/15 Watch Him Fall
8/1/15 Kill Mo
7/18/15 Enter Mo's Dream
7/18/15 Steal the Dreamcatcher
7/15/15 Wake Up Mo
6/20/15 Become Distracted
6/20/15 Lie
6/8/15 Have a Music Duel
6/8/15 Haydyn Interrupts
4/17/15 Whack Haydyn with Sword Flat
4/17/15 Take the Guitar Hostage Instead
4/1/15 Use Greatsword to Take Haydyn Hostage
3/19/15 Return with Greatsword
3/16/15 Use Pants to Tie Greatsword to Yourself
2/18/15 Drag Haydyn into the Portal
2/13/15 Sacrifice Yourself to the Jellyfish Gods
2/8/15 Put on the Pants to Assume the Guise of Mo
2/2/15 Steal Something from the Treasure Chest
1/9/15 Find the Party Hat
1/1/15 Find Out When You Met This Kid
12/23/14 Exercise your Amazing Diplomat Skills
12/21/14 Listen in on This Sword Business
12/15/14 Catch Your Dreams
12/9/14 Chair->Table->Dreamcatcher
12/5/14 Grab that Dream Catcher
12/2/14 Look for Accordion
12/1/14 Play Sick Guitar Riff
10/7/14 Ignore Plot, Do Stupid and Uninteresting Dog Thing
10/5/14 Be The Coyote
9/22/14 Re-Examine Room
9/13/14 Find Mo
9/7/14 Find the Greatsword
9/4/14 Wonder Who Named You
9/1/14 Examine Room
9/1/14 You Wake Up in a Room
9/1/14 The End
9/1/14 What Is That Sound?
9/1/14 Fire Up the PC
8/27/14 Check Out Items on the Table
8/23/14 Explore the Corn Field
8/22/14 Hitchhike to Freedom
8/21/14 Get Some Corn
8/19/14 Go Outside
8/18/14 Bathe Greatsword in the Blood of the Tomato
8/16/14 Eat it Anyway
8/16/14 Eat it Anyway
8/15/14 Raid the Minifridge
8/14/14 Read Letter on Table
8/14/14 Find the Kitchen
8/13/14 No! Go Down the Stairs
8/10/14 Check If You Have Any Special Powers, then Go Down the Stair
8/9/14 Take Yourself Hostage
8/8/14 Find the Greatsword
8/6/14 Change Into Fresh Clothes
8/4/14 Look in Chest
8/3/14 Check If You Have EarthBound
Wonder about Identity
Examine Room
8/1/14 You Wake Up in a Room


7/8/14 Try to Break the Window
7/8/14 Move the Pedestal
7/8/14 See If There Is Anything Else in the Room
7/6/14 Examine Room
7/6/14 Use the Key in the Door
7/5/14 Remember Something
7/5/14 Re-Stabilize
7/4/14 Explain Why Creation of Life Results in Nervous Breakdown
6/28/14 Continue Your Nervous Breakdown
6/28/14 Tough Up and Put on the Mask
6/26/14 Something is Wrong with the Mask
6/26/14 Use Fabric from the Bed, and Leaves
6/21/14 Create a Guise of a Sugar Glider or a Flying Squirrel
6/16/14 Display Your Guise Inventory
6/2/14 Christen Your Sword Greatsword of Steve
5/27/14 Owowowowowowowowow
5/26/14 Get the Greatsword
5/24/14 Give Some Exposition About Your Guises
5/24/14 Dance in the Fire
5/21/14 Continue Pyromaniacal Spree
5/19/14 Use Fire to Burn Everything
4/29/14 Create a Fire With Greatsword and Sparks
4/12/14 Wield Greatsword
4/9/14 Find Greatsword
4/6/14 Explain the Coyote Guise
4/1/14 Light Everything on Fire
3/20/14 Make Out with the Bird
3/19/14 The Bird Speaks
3/18/14 Remember the Cat
3/16/14 Find the Grain of Sand!
3/15/14 Spit Out the Sand
3/15/14 Summon a Stick
3/1/14 Taunt the Bird
2/25/14 Pick Up the Sand Grain the Bird Dropped
2/23/14 You Don't Warn Him
2/17/14 Watch the Bird
2/16/14 Return to the Doorway
1/18/14 Follow the Bird
1/4/14 Something is Wrong with the Bird
12/28/13 Take Stock
12/26/13 Gag Snrrr Cak
12/26/13 Trigger that Trap
12/24/13 Find Something
12/21/13 Go Down the Hall
12/20/13 Examine the Bird
12/10/13 More Exploration
12/8/13 Continue Exploring
12/7/13 Go Exploring
12/2/13 Attempt to Do Something Else
11/30/13 Use the Bird as a Lockpick
11/29/13 Use Orb with Door
11/22/13 Examine Door
11/19/13 Take the Orb to the Door
11/14/13 Use Orb with Bird
11/14/13 Show Off With the Orb
11/10/13 Carry Orb Away
11/9/13 This Takes a Lot of Focus!
11/9/13 Continue to Go Back for Orb
11/5/13 Debate the Bird
11/3/13 Go Back for Orb
11/1/13 You Hit Something
10/29/13 Chase the Bird
10/29/13 Ask About Cephalopods
10/24/13 Talk to the Bird
10/23/13 Watch the Bird
10/23/13 Something Happens
10/22/13 Go Find the Cat
10/22/13 Moonwalk Down the Hallway
10/19/13 Wait! Go Back!
10/17/13 Go and Explore
10/17/13 First, Mourn for Loyal Steve
10/17/13 Push the Cat Out First
10/14/13 Scope Out the Damage
10/13/13 Think Happy Thoughts
10/13/13 Move Steve to Door
10/12/13 Huddle in the Corner
10/11/13 Climb on to the Shelf to Hide
10/11/13 Use Steve to Blow Up Cat
10/11/13 Disarm the Steve Bomb!
10/9/13 Smash Every Window Pane!
10/8/13 Examine your Steventory
10/7/13 Wake Up
10/7/13 Ow
10/6/13 Go for It
10/5/13 Try Putting the Orb Next to the Blockage Again
10/4/13 Remember that Fractal Window
9/30/13 Use Purple Tail with Objects
9/29/13 Take the Orb away from the Blockage in the Door
9/27/13 Magic, Magic, Magic
9/27/13 Use Unbreakable Object Against Immovable Force
9/27/13 Use Orb to Open Door
9/25/13 Listen at the Door
9/25/13 Eat the Fudge
9/23/13 Find Fudge
9/23/13 Be Coyote Again!
9/20/13 Recognize the Shape of a Corkscrew
9/18/13 Examine Blockage More Closely
9/17/13 Jump on Door Handle Trying to Push it Down
9/17/13 Be the Cat
9/17/13 Put on Trusty Hat and Collar
9/16/13 Howl in Confusion and Frustration
9/16/13 Make the Orb Glow with Prophecy
9/14/13 Be the Marshmallows
9/14/13 Yes, We Got It
9/14/13 Steve Thieves Your Marshmallows
9/14/13 Eat the Marshmallows, Removing Your Only Means of Escape
9/13/13 Here's a Better Idea
9/11/13 It Goes Badly
9/11/13 Push Blockage Back through Door
9/11/13 Pull the Blockage through the Door with the Strength of Steve.
9/10/13 Use Sledgehammer to Smash Failure Orb.
9/7/13 Use Key with Door.
9/7/13 Pull on the Object Sticking Out of the Door.
9/7/13 Regard Your Trusty Hat.
9/7/13 To the Steventory!
9/6/13 Use Steve to Ram Door Again.
9/6/13 Investigate the Door.
9/6/13 Break Crystal Ball.
9/6/13 Read Crystal Ball.
9/6/13 Gnaw the Bag of Marshmallows.
9/3/13 Examine Contents of Shelf.
9/3/13 Climb Up to Shelf Using Steve.
9/3/13 Jump Out of Steve.
9/3/13 Examine Steve's Contents.
9/3/13 Be Coyote Again.
9/2/13 Advance the Plot.
9/2/13 Be the Cat. Look On in Amusement.
9/2/13 Change to Raven Guise.
9/2/13 Be Eaten By Steve.
9/1/13 Retrieve Arms from Chest.
9/1/13 Stop Pretending to Be a Coyote.
9/1/13 Chew on Steve.
9/1/13 Ignore Treasure, Do Stupid and Uninteresting Dog Thing.
8/30/13 Approach Steve.
8/29/13 You Hear Another Sound.
8/29/13 The Polka Morphs.
8/27/13 Summon Fairies for Assistance.
8/26/13 Fall Down.
8/26/13 Climb the Vines up to the Shelf.
8/26/13 You Have an Idea.
8/22/13 Something is Wrong with the Plants.
8/20/13 Eat the Vines.
8/20/13 Be Coyote.
8/20/13 Team Up With the Coyote to Pull Up the Vines.
8/20/13 Do Something About Those Vines.
8/19/13 Enter the Correct Code to the Time Capsule.
8/19/13 Be the Cat.
8/17/13 More Vines Grow.
8/16/13 Vomit.
8/16/13 See What Cat Wants.
8/16/13 Enter All Zeroes Into Capsule.
8/15/13 A Vine Grows.
8/15/13 What Was that Purple Thing Under the Dog Bed?
8/15/13 Try Pi!
8/14/13 Dig!
8/14/13 Bust Out the Window.
8/14/13 Go Out the Door.
Do a Dance! Eat the Stuffing! Howl for No Good Reason!
8/13/13 Savage the Dog Bed.
8/13/13 Sniff the Food Bowl.
8/13/13 Something Predictable.
8/13/13 Continue to Examine Shelf.
8/13/13 Examine Shelf.
Examine Room.
You Wake Up in a Room.

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