About This Webcomic

What is Six by Nine?  Six by Nine is a story-driven interactive webcomic.

What makes this webcomic interactive? The story is driven by interaction with the readers. After I publish an update, I will look for reader feedback on the Six by Nine tumblr (see the Interact page) and I will use the most popular, original, fun or appropriate input to make the next page in the comic. I can write puzzles, but it's no fun to simply show characters solving them; I want to see readers figure it out! The entire webcomic is a puzzle game.

Can I write in feedback without visiting the tumblr? Yes, of course. I will accept write-ins from the tumblr, but also ideas in the comments sections or any other written thoughts I receive. The only reason to visit the Six by Nine tumblr is to guarantee the anonymity of feedback.


How often will Six by Nine update? I hope to post updates not less than weekly, and not more than daily.

How many people read Six by Nine? I don't know for certain, but so far--enough! I am excited for every reader and every piece of feedback

Can I open a new panel in the same tab? Right now, you can't. You simply have to close the tabs when you move to the new ones. Sorry.

About the prologue: The prologue does tie in to the overall planned story arc and it is worth reading, but the real purpose of writing a prologue is to give me an idea of what kind of work writing an interactive webcomic involves and what kind of reader feedback I can expect. The prologue is a mini-puzzle with a reward at the end, and if it's successful, it will be the first chapter in a much larger story.


Hey, is this a Homestuck thing? The comic is heavily Homestuck inspired, but it isn't a fan comic. There are similarities, like the use of the second person or certain elements of the plot, but it doesn't take place in the same universe (/multiverse). None of the same characters or settings will show up. Also, this comic probably won't be as intensive, complex or mind-bendingly awesome as Homestuck.


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